Residential Solar


Don’t Wait! The Cost Of Adding Solar Will Never Be Lower

Strike while the utility companies and federal programs have budgets so you can benefit from the incentives available to you today. Historically, utility company incentives decrease annually so don’t be left behind knowing you missed out. Take advantage of these incentives today and reduce the cost of your home’s new solar system by up to 50%* Get A Quote! * Local incentives vary.  Accurate costs will be provided with your sales quote. All of SWG Energy’s installations are subcontracted to a licensed electrical contractor.

Let us show you that if you Do Nothing You will be Spending The Money paying your Utility Company

A home with an average electricity bill of $150 a month will spend almost $75,000 for electricity over 25 years.  Instead of just “renting” your electricity from the utility companies, you should invest in your home and produce your own electricity.  You will reduce the amount of electricity you buy from the utility company and the money saved will pay for the entire system…twice over!  As an added bonus, you will be adding an asset to your home that will increase your home’s value and help your house sell more quickly should you ever decide to move.

Zero Down Zero Payments Same-As-Cash Loans and 5Yr. – 12 Yr. 2.99% Low Interest Loans

The best part of buying solar is you don’t need any cash! We have a 12 Month Same-As-Cash Loan and longer term 2.99% low-interest loans available from 5 Years to 12 Years to customize the best financial plan for you. These loans are much better than a solar lease, which will save you only 10% on electricity costs. By purchasing your system, you’ll be reducing your energy by whatever size system you install and eventually you’ll be generating free electricity for your home to use.