Wind Systems To Power Your Facilities


Corporate, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Campuses

Wind turbines can be installed on a corporate, commercial or industrial property, becoming essential equipment earning valuable federal energy, equipment investment and depreciation incentives. SWG Energys technical & financial planners can develop a turnkey project from incentive applications, siting and permitting, all the way through installation and on-going maintenance.  All of SWG Energy’s installations are subcontracted to a licensed electrical contractor. Strong incentives allow for wind to become an important part of your energy portfolio.

Residential Homes, Farms, and Rural Property

Small wind turbines are grid connected systems that generate electricity on-site, reducing the amount of kilowatt hours you currently buy from the utility company.  SWG Energy small wind experts can recommend the right wind turbine for your location to take full advantage of your area’s wind resource and financial incentives. Combining wind energy with solar energy can also be a powerful combination, allowing you to take full advantage of on-site energy generation.

Do Nothing and You Will Spend the Money Anyway

Every month you pay the utility company for the electricity your business, facility or home consumes. Whether it is a commercial or residential project, a municipal campus or a farm, installing a wind turbine will reduce what you purchase from your utility company.  Why not put your money to work for yourself by investing in an asset that not only reduces your operating costs and increases the value of your property, but also pays for itself.   So either “do nothing” and watch your money go to the utility company, or “do something” and keep the money for yourself.